How Award Winners Optimized Working Capital and Payments


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The past two years have been uniquely challenging for corporate working capital management. Liquidity has been tight for companies around the world, in every industry. At the same time, supply-chain disruptions have created obstacles for many businesses to even get an adequate supply of products to market. The intersection of supplier relationship management and liquidity optimization has never been more critical to corporate survival. That's why Treasury & Risk is pleased to recognize three outstanding projects in this year's Alexander Hamilton Awards in the category Working Capital & Payments. 

A Boston Scientific project designed to optimize working capital revealed that the company's payment terms were considerably shorter than those of comparable businesses and were inconsistent even within the organization. The company launched a broad initiative to standardize supplier payment terms, implement a supply-chain finance program, and then tweak the program and educate suppliers in a targeted way that maximizes the program's benefits.

Atlanta-based automotive and industrial parts supplier Genuine Parts Company responded to the economic uncertainty created by COVID-19 by revamping its approach to both corporate borrowing and supply-chain finance. As a result, the company gained $800 million in additional liquidity, issued its first public debt, and improved its cash conversion cycle by 58 percent.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) also responded to COVID-19 by dramatically improving working capital management. When the pandemic resulted in a global chip shortage, the company launched the HPE Dynamic Supplier Financing Program to provide suppliers reliable access to liquidity while accelerating receipt of payments for approved invoices. Through supply-chain finance, HPE not only optimized returns on short-term cash, but also improved funding flexibility at a time of economic uncertainty.

Join this webcast to learn more about how each of these organizations shored up working capital in a time of crisis. You will:

  • Celebrate Boston Scientific, GPC, and HPE as winners of the 2022 Alexander Hamilton Awards in Working Capital & Payments.
  • Understand how these companies leveraged supply-chain finance and other strategies to boost working capital management in a time of funding uncertainty and supply-chain stresses.
  • Learn tactics for optimizing the benefits of initiatives designed to improve working capital and payments.

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Bob Castagna Vice President & Treasurer | Boston Scientific

Matt Brigham Vice President & Assistant Treasurer | Genuine Parts Company

Mike Seal Capital Markets Director | Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Jordan Novak Chief Sales Officer | C2FO

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