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July 2022: Using intent-based research to succeed in a more complex B2B market

With fear of inflation and economic uncertainty potentially complicating B2B selling this summer, experts are suggesting corporate treasury and finance marketers need to focus more on understanding their customers and prospects better and targeting the ones most potentially interested in what you have to sell.

Treasury & Risk Marketing Blog  

April 2022: Tying Content to the Sales Funnel

One of the first questions we ask our lead gen and custom content customers is: what stage of the sales funnel (top, middle or late) are you focusing on?

Treasury & Risk Marketing Blog  

June 2021: Post-pandemic Marketing Mix: Branding + Performance Marketing

Many corporate treasury and finance marketers dramatically accelerated their use of digital marketing during the pandemic, focusing on lead-generation and other performance marketing tactics.

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May 2021: What’s next? Corporate Treasury marketers look for post-pandemic insights

Many of our customers in the corporate treasury and finance industry have been asking for research to better understand how customer needs have changed over the past year and how product trends will shift over the next six months.

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April 2021: How to Choose the Digital Ad Strategy with the Best ROI

With digital advertising spending expected to increase this year by 13% to $169 billion according to MarketingDive, marketers will need to understand the new display ad formats and updated strategies to get the best return on their ad dollar investments.


ROI of Advanced Digital Advertising: What Marketers Need to Know

Find out how B2B marketers in the legal, financial, insurance, and commercial real estate markets are getting 3x to 6x better engagement using advanced digital advertising strategies. Product and market experts from ALM will present case studies and practical information on how a new generation of display advertising solutions is driving leads and awareness in specialized vertical markets.

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March 2021: Marketing Budgets Increase in 2021

With many individuals still working remotely and live events slowly ramping up later in the year, 60 percent of organizations are increasing their digital marketing budgets, according to a recent survey from market researcher, Outsell.
However, caveats abound: Spending will not get back to pre-COVID-19 levels for another year or two and customers are evaluating every penny of marketing spend, the survey added. One idea from our new
high-impact ad units which offer 3x to 6x the engagement of traditional ROS advertising.


The Three Keys to a Successful B2B ABM Program

Find out how B2B marketers in the legal, financial, insurance, and commercial real estate markets are using ABM to successfully drive leads and get business from key accounts.

Case Study  

Credit Union Times Fusion Case Study

Check out a case study from our sister website,, on How a Fusion program allowed State National to raise awareness and drive sales among new customers.

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January 2021: Digital Engagement Dramatically Rises During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, our customers have been doubling down on performance marketing including significant increases in co-branded emails, webcasts, and lead-generation since April. For 2021, customers are leaning to more targeted performance marketing offerings including intent-driven ABM digital engagement programs.

White Paper  

Seven Tips for Producing a Successful Webcast for Treasury and Finance Marketers

First step: pick a topic that will resonate with treasury and finance professionals. Then use these tips to drive engagement with’s audiences.

Case Study Topic Sponsorship Case Study

Check out a case study from our sister website,, on How a Topic Sponsorship Allowed NAM(National Arbitration and Mediation) to Engage With Readers