January 2021
Treasury & Risk Marketing Blog:
Digital Engagement Dramatically Rises During the Pandemic
As the majority of corporate treasury and financial industry professionals transitioned to working at home during the pandemic, their use and engagement with the Treasury & Risk mobile site has substantially increased.

Over the course of the last year, Treasury & Risk has seen:

  • 38% increase in average monthly visitors
  • 30% are mobile visitors, up from 15% last year
Rob Akert,
Sales Manager, Treasury & Risk
The reason for increased engagement: Our audiences are even more interested in corporate treasury and financial industry news and analysis in these challenging times. Plus the huge variety of ways to consume information makes it easier to integrate digital media use into their busy day.

Curious about data detailing how corporate treasury and financial professionals engage with digital media? You can find more information in the 2021 Treasury & Risk Media Kit.

How have your media consumption habits changed in the last year? Drop me a line with your thoughts at [email protected].

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