Treasury workstation provider SunGard AvantGard says it has added Open Scan to its AvantGard Receivables solution suite to give companies the ability to capture remittance data. Open Scan will help companies feed remittance data right into their cash application solution, helping them reduce lockbox processing fees and lower their Days Sales Oustanding, AvantGard says.

Compliance 360, an Atlanta-based provider of governance, risk and compliance software, has launched a Third Party Risk Management solution to help companies manage their relationships with customers, suppliers, service providers, consultants and employees, the company says. The product includes a contract management system, policy and procedure management and incidents and case management. According to Compliance 360, the solution’s dashboards help executives track key vendors and the risks related to them, and its Virtual Evidence Room contains all contracts, risk management policies and actions.

CoCoNet, a German provider of e-banking solutions, says it has added a Customer Administration Module to Multiversa IFP, its corporate e-banking software. The new module will help bank customers or bank personnel take care of administrative chores like changing users or permissions with the aid of templates, the company says.

SymSoft, a provider of governance, risk and compliance products for companies that use SAP ERP systems, has launched a new module, User and Role Change Analyzer, for its ControlPanelGRC solution. According to the company, the module provides IT security administrators with a way to compile additional documentation on changes made to qualified users of the system and also lets them revert to previous versions if necessary.

Weiland Financial says its Bank Administrator Web solution (BAWeb) produced its first electronic Bank Account Administration (eBAM) message. The XML message was an electronic request to open a new bank account, the company says. The use of such electronic requests to deal with administrative tasks related to bank accounts is expected to save companies both time and money.