Alexander Hamilton Awards

Now in their 27th year, the Alexander Hamilton Awards from Treasury & Risk recognize companies taking big leaps forward in treasury, finance, and/or risk management through process innovations and technology implementations.

If you are a corporate treasury, finance, and/or risk management professional who was involved in an innovative project that substantially improved the operations or strategic contribution of your function, please consider entering the 2023 Alexander Hamilton Awards.

This program is now open for submissions. As you start preparing your entry, make sure to collect the following information:

  • Category entering — You will need to choose one award category: Treasury Transformation, Liquidity Management, Financial Risk Management, Working Capital & Payments, Operational Risk Management & Insurance, Technology Excellence, or Best Practices in Restricted/Emerging Markets.
  • Challenges in your legacy environment — Why did your company decide to undertake this project? — max 500 words
  • Your plan to solve these challenges — Include details about your needs assessment, involvement of other internal departments, key goals of the initiative, and project management approach. — max 500 words
  • The solution implemented through this project — What new processes did you implement? What technologies are you using, and how do systems work together? What were the “people” considerations in your project? Be sure to describe any characteristics of your project that are unusual, that make the project leading-edge, and/or that give your company a competitive advantage. — max 800 words
  • Benefits the project has achieved — Include details, quantify benefits when possible, and describe how the project achieved them. — max 500 words
  • 1 to 3 primary reasons why the project was successful — max 100 words per reason
  • Why the project deserves an Alexander Hamilton Award — What is innovative/unusual about it? — max 100 words

Please note:

  • The entry deadline is August 26, 2022.
  • The Alexander Hamilton Awards are designed to honor the corporate treasury, finance, and/or risk management staff who completed an innovative project, rather than any consulting firm, bank, or vendor that may have helped make the project successful.
  • Implementation of a third-party software tool that is being used exactly as it was designed to be used will generally not provide the level of creative thought leadership required to receive an Alexander Hamilton Award, although process changes that accompany a software deployment may make such an entry more viable.


If you have any questions, please contact Meg Waters, editor in chief of Treasury & Risk, at [email protected] or 720-895-3967.