• What CFOs Want From Treasurers

    Break out of the treasury silo, mix things up with line managers and beready to shift financing strategies on a dime.Those are some of the ...

  • Battle Of The Bills

    Electronic bill presentment and payment is still in its infancy in the corporate world, but systems purveyors are already battling fiercely for market share.

  • Leasing In A Limp Economy

    Volume could soar if equipment lenders keep the credit coming.

  • Get On With It!

    When the threat of litigation stymies strategic plans, companies quietly purchase insurance and leave legal concerns behind them.

  • Setting Sail From Sara Lee

    Amid a falling economy, he's been patching up the company's finance structure and aligning tax with treasury

  • From The Top Down

    President Bush has brought a corporate management style to the White House that the country hasn't seen since the administration of Dwight Eisenhower 40 years ...

  • Instant Challenges For Polaroid

    You don't have time to think about the stress. The only thing you can do is deliver

  • Flashback, Flash Forward

    Past winners of our Hamilton best-practice awards write new agendas: Outsource more, build internal partnerships, unlock the systems puzzle

  • Insurers Flee From Computer Virus Coverage

    Corporations may be compelled to buy specializedinsurance to protect themselves against damages from computer viruses because reinsurers are excluding those losses from catastrophe coverage in property and casualty policies.

  • Expensive Shields

    Rarely have directors and officers needed so much insulation from lawsuits. Rarely have the costs of protection been so high.