• Battle Of Fx Sites Begins

    With Skirmishes on Fees

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    Carol B. Tom?'s promotion to chief financial officer of Home Depot hasinvolved little more than a nameplate change and some new business cards.Before taking the ...

  • If Only

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    P-Cards in an E-commerce WorldHold the Donuts Volume explodes, but rifts surface among bank issuers.

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    Electronic bill presentment and payment is still in its infancy in the corporate world, but systems purveyors are already battling fiercely for market share.

  • Leasing In A Limp Economy

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  • Get On With It!

    When the threat of litigation stymies strategic plans, companies quietly purchase insurance and leave legal concerns behind them.

  • Setting Sail From Sara Lee

    Amid a falling economy, he's been patching up the company's finance structure and aligning tax with treasury

  • From The Top Down

    President Bush has brought a corporate management style to the White House that the country hasn't seen since the administration of Dwight Eisenhower 40 years ...